Brown’s Mart Theatre

Darwin’s first home for theatre and live performance

Brown's Mart Theatre 2017

Brown’s Mart Theatre 2017

Brown's Mart Theatre presents:  (To book tickets, please go to the home page.  Click on the WHAT'S ON tab   OR  Click on the BUY TICKETS button on the slideshow or on the event under the COMING UP column.


Mr Takahashi (15 February to 26 February)



A Doll’s House (9 March to 25 March)

The Age of Bones (29 March to 31 March)



The Age of Bones (1 April to 9 April)

Battle of the School Bands (21 April)

Treasure Lanaguage (22 April)



NT New Live on Fridays

SPUN podcast launch (12 May)

Rope Burn (24 May to 31 May)

Serina Pech: Live from the Fish Bowl (26 May)

Reality Testing (27 May)



NT New Live on Fridays

Rope Burn (1 June to 4 June)

Totally Don’t Tell Friends (2 June)

The Swagman Ghost (13 June to 25 June)

Laugh It Off! (27-30 June 2017)



NT New Live on Fridays

Darwin Fringe Festival (7 July to 16 July)

The Sound of Waiting (25 July to 31 July)



NT New Live on Fridays

God’s Waiting Room (1 August to 6 August)

Darwin Festival (11August to 27 August)



NT New Live on Fridays

Casuarina Senior College (6 September to 8 September)

In Between Two (6th September to 30th September)



The Last Five Years (4 October – 15 October)

Treasure Language (21 October)

Darwin Theatre Company (25 October – 29 October)



The Daly River Girl (8 November to 26 November)



SPUN (1 December)

Suicide in B Flat ( 6 December – 10 December)

Liberty Academy of Dance (13 December – 17 December)

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