My visit to Sanderson High School was an informative and meaningful experience for as I spoke with a small group of young indigenous women about COSI, career pathways into theatre and life in general.

I was so excited to listen to what the young women thought about COSI and acting, all of them had never seen a theatre show before but after COSI said they will definitely see more shows in the future.

I also informed the girls about the many pathways they can take to become an actor, that they didn’t have to go to drama schools and that for now if they are interested in the performing arts they can get involved with dance and acting programs through Tracks and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts and that they can even contact Browns Mart on how they can get involved with the Darwin Theatre community.

I enjoyed the experience in engaging with the students at Sanderson High as it allowed me to encourage young indigenous women to not be shame job about speaking up and being a leader in their community, and I enjoyed seeing and hearing why they were interested in getting more involved with the creative arts.

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